Nept NFTs

The Nept
Avatar NFTs

The Nept NFTs serve as the user’s identity or avatar within the Nept metaverse. The NFT avatars are humanoid in appearance and will be released in 3 distinct collections. To maintain an air of mystery, all NFTs are shrouded in a blue hologram and only after a predetermined period will users’ have an option to reveal their NFTs.

1st Release

Neptunians X

The Neptunians X, are a race of savage therianthropes, half-human half-animal beings that are technologically superior to humans. Facing impending doom due to their inability to procreate, they have to find their soulmates among the Nept Evolution X to propagate and ensure the survival of their kind. The Neptunian X can reside in either environment and will be able to communicate, reply, and have contextualized exchanges with other avatars.

The Neptunian X NFTs are digital collectibles based on the ERC-721 standard. The collection consists of 8600 NFTs that have been programmatically generated from over 100 traits with over a million possible outcomes ensuring that your avatar NFT is unique. They don't have an assigned gender and are highly customizable. Users can personalize their avatars using additional NFT assets, allowing avatar owners to create their one-of-kind avatars. They can also display emotions depending on the activity (like expressing excitement, while winning games) which adds to an immersive experience.

Coming Soon

2nd Release

Nept Evolution X

The Nept Evolution X are humans that have been rescued from Earth and now reside in Neptown. The avatars are hyper-realistic men and women and are a digital representation of users in the Nept metaverse. They can communicate, reply, and have contextualized exchanges with each other avatar in the metaverse
display emotions depending on the activity (like expressing happiness while enjoying a VR Concert).

The Nept Evolution X primarily live in Neptown as they cannot survive in the inhospitable condition of Neptwild. To travel to Neptwild users will have to purchase additional NFTs such as breathing apparatus and exoskeletons from the Nept Marketplace. The Nept Evolution X will be the second NFT collection that will be released.

Coming Soon

3rd Release

Ultinept Generation X

The Ultinept Generation X is a new species that are created after a Neptunian X and Nept Evolution X breed together. The new avatar does not carry any of the traits of the pairing avatars and is stronger and smarter than either species. Unlike the Nept Evolution X, they can survive outside Neptown without any breathing apparatuses and exoskeletons and unlike the Neptunians X, they are capable of great feats of creativity, construction, and enterprise.

Users having both Neptunians X and Nept Evolution X avatars can create the new Ultinept Generation X avatars by purchasing an additional NFT asset (NeptoGene Capsules). Users with only one avatar will have to find a soulmate and they both will have to purchase additional NFT assets (NeptoGene Capsules) to create a Ultinept Generation X. After breeding both users will get a new Ultinept Generation X avatar NFT.

The Ultinept Generation X has the highest level of access and capability within the Nept metaverse. Not only can they buy/sell or rent land but also create new games, features, host events, etc, that they can monetize by allowing other users to participate in them.