THE NEPT Metaverse


THE NEPT Metaverse

Join And be a Part Of the Nept Metaverse

Nept is an expansive 3D Metaverse filled with exploration, discovery, and creation.
There are two different environments with distinctly different themes: Neptwild, and Neptown. The Nept NFTs grant you access to the Nept Metaverse making you a citizen of Nept and a part of the Nept economy.

Nept NFTs

The Nept
Avatar NFTs

The Nept NFTs-unique digital collectibles-living on the Ethereum blockchain, serve as the user’s identity or avatar within the Nept Metaverse. The NFT avatars are humanoid in appearance and will be released as three separate collections.

1st Collection Mint coming soon

Neptunians X

The Neptunians X, the 1st NFT collection, consists of 8600 NFTs and will be released soon. The Neptunians X NFT grants you access to the Nept Metaverse besides access to live concerts and other events within the metaverse. To maintain an air of mystery, all NFTs are shrouded in a blue hologram, and only after a predetermined period will NFT owners have an option to reveal their NFTs.


Join The Nept Economy

Join and be part of the Nept economy. Trade in assets, real estate, services, and play games. Nept also features musical concerts and sporting events that you can experience within the metaverse.


During the presale, Nept will provide interactive engagements for its users by having referral bonuses, a Wheel of Fortune game on the dashboard and organizing a live stream concert featuring international artists.

Invite your friends and family to participate in the Nept crowdsale and receive 4% of the amount they invest.

Get your Nept tokens and join the live streaming musical concert featuring International Artists in our Neptwild environment.

Feeling Lucky? Participate in the Nept Wheel of Fortune.

Investors will be eligible for a 50% discount on the mint price of our first NFT drop. Provide your wallet address to make sure you can claim this reward if you are eligible.

Test environments

test drive our
metaverse worlds

Test our virtual worlds while we continue developing the Nept metaverse.



Q - 2

  • release neptwild environment simulation and casino environment Listing Nept token into centralized exchanges

Q - 3

  • simulation in a larger environment Presentation of few reveal avatars Neptunian X collection ( 3 d animated) Gaming in Neptwild environement

Q - 4

  • finalization before release casino slot machines environments , interaction with slot machines Mobile version


Q - 1

  • release first part casino, slot machines and interaction

Q - 2

  • second part release casino, tables black jack, roulettes… 3D Metanept concert with International artist in full immersion

Q - 3

  • launch Neptown environment Hosting ama, 3d salons Launch of the nept metaverse

Q - 4

  • Enable third party application to run in nepts Last part casino, poker


Q - 1

  • launch of the nept dao



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Co-founder and CFO

Alexandre has worked in financial services for the past 20 years and has been investing in the crypto space since 2015. He has managed blockchain projects in Monaco and Singapore.


Chief Technology Officer

Zack has a background in Law and Business and has served as a Computer Engineer. He’s passionate about Gaming, NFTs, and Crypto Trading having built an impressive portfolio. He has joined Nept as it aligns with his vision.


Chief Executive Officer

John has worked in marketing and project development for the last 10 years. He has been investing & trading in the Crypto space since 2017 - a big fan of Crypto, NFTs and Defi.